Split Back Tee

Pattern: Grainline's Scout Tee
Fabric: 1 1/2 yds rayon challis
Cost: $12

This is the newest addition on the Scout parade. I just can't help it! It fits, it's a TNT pattern, and there's so many variations. 

This time, I went with a split-back variation a la Dixie DIY. I kept it long so I can wear it to work, but I think it's a fun detail for an otherwise very plain shirt. 

The fabric - a rayon challis - was a complete pain in the ass to work with. I love the final look, but I'm pretty sure it's off grain, and puckering in all sorts of weird places. Next time I think I'll use starch for working with a tricky fabric like this, but then again, I say that every time. 

For the hem (which was a long one), I tried a few techniques until I got something that worked. I ended up serging the raw edge, and then turning it under along the stitching line. Luckily the fabric presses well. 

Well, there it is! Hopefully back later this week with a more complicated make!

Quilted Scout

Pattern: Grainline's Scout Woven Tee
Fabric: cotton quilted (scuba?) knit
Cost: $18
Tuesday night I dropped Mr. Made, the film crew, and my costumes off at the airport on their way to filming Twinsburg, and I've had the place to myself ever since. The house is clean, the fridge is stocked with frozen meals, and I've gotten the chance to sew, read, and run to my heart's content (except for that whole going to work thing).

First thing up on the sewing roster was a simple Scout Tee (the first of three, I'm afraid). The special part of this shirt is the fabric, which is a beautiful quilted affair that feels a bit like cotton on top and scuba underneath, and has a slight stretch. I believe Sewaholic's Tasia made a skirt and bra top out of it. I first saw it at Stone Mountain after one of our Meetups, but held off on buying it. Obviously, I couldn't get it out of my head, and scooped some up on my next trip. It's such a subtle, elegant design that I couldn't resist!

This also gave me a chance to perfect my pattern tweaking on the Scout Tee, which I noticed needed a bit more room in the armhole (armscye) on the front piece. It's not such a big deal on a shirt with a bit of stretch like this, but I do need it on my woven tees!

I wore this shirt today and it was very comfy. I could probably do with shaving a bit more off the shoulder, but I want to see how that turns out in a woven fabric before I make any more changes to the pattern. 

Since Mr. Made is off, I busted out the ol' tripod and snapped some pics myself. Hopefully he'll be back soon so I can dispense with the selfies (and stop sleep walking - I am quite the mess when he is gone)!

Bay Area Love

Whatever frustration I have been feeling about a certain pair of pants lately has been totally appeased by some local sewing love. Out of all the international sewists in Kestrel Makes's Spring Sewing Swap, I had the good fortune of getting paired with local Melizza of Pincushion Treats. She sent me a beautiful package of white embroidered cotton, notions, and a pincushion which I immediately put into use (my old one was soo ratty!). I have a pattern in mind already, and can't wait to meet up with her soon to show off our makes!

In other local news, this past weekend I had a chance to get together with the Bay Area Sewists for a fabric swap. The group is so fun, and I always love the chance to meet up with old friends and get to know some more of the super talented ladies out there! It's like going to a party where you can always count on the topic of conversation to be your favorite thing ever-sewing!

Back row: Sylvia, me, Leah, Lynn, Angela, Ali, Alice, Meg, Ericka, Claire,
Parish, Laura, Beth, Sara, Hillary, Charlotte, Ebony
Front row: Cassandra, Lindsay, Allison, Jilly
(with a few names missing)
Photo Courtesy of Bay Area Sewists
The swap itself was also a major success for me, as I brought a whole tub filled with things and left with just two pieces of fabric (bathing suit lycra and cotton gingham!), interfacing, and a scrap of silk for costuming

Thank you to everyone who makes this such an amazing community to be a part of!

Theatric Adventures

Do you recognize this little guy? How about now? Well, the last couple of weeks I've been hanging out with my very talented friend from Pixar who's branching out on his own to make a short film! And I get to test out my chops as a costume designer ;)

I didn't quite know what to expect, but working on the costumes has been very interesting and VERY different from sewing. While I like to think that I know my own sense of style much better since I started sewing, thinking of the sartorial choices of a whole cast of characters is quite something else, especially when  you're working with someone else's vision. Luckily, I'm not sewing up the costumes, but rather shopping for and compiling outfits for the characters. It has totally stretched my skills in a whole new direction.

The short film, if you're curious, is a dramatic comedy about identical twin brothers reconnecting at the world's largest gathering of twins in Ohio. Yes, it's a movie about twins! Which means lots of fun double outfits, great costumes for the annual Twinsburg festival in Ohio, and lots of shopping. Check out the promo, below:

I hope to share some more about the different outfits and the inspiration behind each after we get everything together. They're headed off to Ohio on Tuesday to start shooting! In the meantime, if you are the sort of person who enjoys being a benefactor of the arts, they're still raising funds here

I hope to be back sewing soon (so many plans! so much fabric!), but for the mean time I am tired.

Polka-Dotted Bralette

Pattern: my modified Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200
Material: ponte and lace
Cost: $5

Today I'm posting the second of two bras I recently made in an attempt to fill out my bra collection. 

Now that I've got my pattern down, it is actually kind of fun to use all the supplies that I've gathered and play. This one is made in white ponte with a black, polka-dotted lace from Fabric.com (no longer available). The best part is that I had a matching fold-over elastic from my local Fabric Outlet for the inside. Isn't that fun

This one can't be worn under all my tops, but the colors make me so happy that I don't care. 

Here it is on. I may not have the biggest girls in town, but that's no reason that they shouldn't be the best-dressed!